Analysis of the

Miskito context

The objective of this study is to investigate the knowledge, norms, values and worldview of the Miskito population in relation to the prevention of discrimination, stigmas, xenophobia and human mobility in the Miskito population/community, including their migrant groups, both potential and current migrants or returnees.

The first and second chapters of the research detail the objectives and methodology. The third section deals with the background, providing an overview of the situation of the department of Gracias a Dios and its Miskito population in terms of geography, demographics, socio-cultural aspects, public services, housing, and socioeconomic activities.

The fourth chapter presents the results of the research, and is divided into two subsections. The first addresses the living conditions and basic services of the Miskito population, with emphasis on access to water and water supply, sanitation in Miskito homes, access to electricity, education and health services, diet, employment and income levels, and land ownership. The second subsection provides the context related to the human mobility of the Miskitu population, as well as the dynamics of internal and international migration and cross-border dynamics of the Miskitu population living between Honduras and Nicaragua.

The fifth chapter shows the conditions of discrimination, marginalization and xenophobia that the Miskito population has historically faced, from the social and institutional spheres, as well as the new dynamics of discrimination faced in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The sixth chapter is based on the representation of the Miskito population in national politics, alluding to the current legislation on the human rights of the native populations of Honduras.

The last chapter discusses the concepts of rootedness and identity of the Miskito population from the processes of self-knowledge, estrangement and cultural clashes that they experience as native people when migrating from their communities of origin. Finally, the conclusions of the study are presented, based on the main findings of the study.

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